Saturday, 29 June 2013

Rock My World By Michelle A. Valentine

It was a novella ... what can I say?

Wasn't much special about it. It seems more like a deleted chapter or could have been summarized in probably three chapters at the end of Rock My Bed.

It's basically a really drama filled adaptation of meeting the parents. Aubrey's mom is quite melodramatic and her father is ... 'The Judge' ... you'd have to read it to get it :)

While not an over the moon fist pumping novella, it was still well written and edited than most novels and it was good that we got an incorporation of all the characters with even a notable mention of Trip whose story is next in line ... very subtle Michelle :)

It had it all, love, drama, life altering moments ... it packed it all without a punch. It was relaxed and mellow even with the undercurrents of death and accidents. After all, it wouldn't be a Black Falcon novel without sex, music, love and drama.

Being the very unselfish person that Ms. Valentine is, she gifted us with the birth of Noel and Lanie's baby and set us up for the next chapter of Zach and Aubrey's life while hinting at the storm coming that is Trip. Yup! She did it all in a 100 pages.

I must say though, I like when an author commits to a story line or situation, so I hated the unrealistic time frame of the accident and the conversations and hysterics of the hospital scene were bordering on Mills and Boons cheesy! Almost lost me there.

I was rolling my eyes at the recovery method and process and how such a heavy situation was skirted or brush under the rug. There was so many complications and factors that came into play and being a nurse, Ms. Valentine would know. I believe that if you pick a topic, stick with it till the end.

Anyhoo, regardless of those two blunders, it was a nice afternoon nap read. Short and to the point like 'The Judge'!

Can't wait for Trip's book. I always loved this series!

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