Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Taste of You By Sorcha Grace

Being a foodie and a fan of the Fifty Shades and Bared to you series, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled on this book. I must say it held true to it's promise of cuisine and I can spot passion, and this book definitely had passion and was well researched! It showed.

However great the food was, it definitely wasn't a Fifty Shades of Grey or Bared to you and I would think it in the authors best interest to get her own brand, as it's a good brand and even though there are borrowed elements from both series, it stood it's own with it's own issues and set of characters.

Speaking of, I must start by saying that I love the character of Beckett (starting to think I have a thing for male characters with this name ... even if they are gay). He as a great addition to the novel and possessed a certain aura and difference that was never portrayed in the Fifty Shades or Bared to you series.

Cat was a good character but I never fell in love with her. I just had to tolerate her because she was the narrator. Still, she wasn't bad and I loved how even though we never met Jace, she managed to make me love the character even without excess snippets of past conversations. As sad as it might have made the book, I really wish we had a chance to meet this character because if simple photographic descriptions could make me like him, I don't know what some good dialogue and scenes would do.

William was ... similar but different. He seemed to only pop up when she was in the mood for him, but when he did there was a sense of warmth to the novel. I don't know, it was kind of crazy. But I believe that the way these characters were written, you couldn't help but to feel comfortable with them. On the other hand, the book itself and series of events didn't do much for me. It might not have wowed me, but it surely comforted me. Maybe it was all the food. :)

The sex scenes weren't full on BDSM but I loved the stimulants that were conveyed throughout food. I felt like I could taste and smell most of the treats and I learned as well as got some ideas which is really a great quality that I normally scout for in a book and I definitely got that.

I must say though, that we spent a lot of time in Cat's head and while it wasn't all that bad, I would have loved some more dialogue or interesting encounters. The story sometimes became comfortably boring. You weren't bored enough to put it down, but you were bored enough to want to just skip those parts that you never really need to read.

The grief element of this story was same but different and more believable than previous situations portrayed in novels. Or at least Cat's side was more realistic. We get those accidents and blame every day, but her blame and guilt was rightfully placed and it was another different element to the book.

I loved the look into Cat's past as it helped to shape and show who she was before and after tragedy struck, and I liked both sides. Also, the fact she was a *spoiler alert* widow*spoiler alert* at her age, was a difference and as always, changes are welcomed.

Overall, the concept of this book was half and half as we have seen this troubled billionaire story over and over again. However, the food and photography element shone and was wonderfully developed and intertwined. It took it to another level. Still, I believe this book is missing one thing to tie it all together and make it awesome! I really hope we can get that missing element from book two.

Until then, I shall bask in the comfort of good food and photography and wait on book 2 of this series.


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