Monday, 24 June 2013

Faking It By Cora Carmack

Well whoever said redemption wasn't possible was a liar because book comeback goes to Faking it by Cora Carmack!! woot! woot!

Now this is how Losing it should have been written. With real emotions, comedy and life all mixed in one. I didn't wanna so I didn't put this book down. Had chapters for lunch!! :)

I gotta say initially I thought Cade was gay and I never really gave him a second thought in Losing it, but he could get it and more in this installment. He came out of his shell and what a personality does he have!! I loved him throughout this book, even when I wanted my Max fix.
He was funny, witty, charming and down right awesome! If perfect first introduction to a parent had a form, it would be Cade Winston!!

Max was spunky, fun and made you so wanna be her. Even with the excess baggage. She was fun to be around and there was never a dull moment in her mind. I loved how she kept most things in check and never felt the need to fit in a mold unless around her parents.

I loved the initial introduction and the descriptions in this book from facial features down to body movement was excellent and on point!! If anything else confused me, descriptions didn't. I felt and understood it all.

From the book began, I was drawn into the way Cade transferred his feelings and I loved the scenes that were continued into another chapter so that we may receive a reaction for the other character without skipping the current situations. Transitions were done well as to keep the same vibe with a totally different feel .. (Don't know if that made sense)

Grammar was great, descriptions were on point and conversations never felt force or monotonous. I just wanted more! The writing style and editing was near impeccable so thumbs up for that one!

We mostly spent time with the main characters, but you never got bored. Between the pretending and the resistance, there was never a dull moment and you often times forget what was real and what was fake. I kept wanting him to be there for her and vice versa. Even the week they spent apart seemed like torture. I just wanted them to fix it because a more perfect couple isn't out there.

I am also glad that even though I didn't want to see Garrick and Bliss, I appreciate the blending of characters from both past and present. I am also glad that Cade got his HEA and Bliss had to witness it ... mwahhaa!!

Anyways ... this story was plain and simple. We got to the points with grace and ease without it being boring or unrealistic. A lot of emotions  were portrayed and the message couldn't have boomed louder or clearer.
Beyond all the lust and games, there was a message that was well received and could help if you only listened.

I also loved how even without the music, we got a lot of lyrics, more than even most music based books. The words were real, deep and not just a facade. They told stories, life and so much more. It all felt real while being fun and I can totally get on board with that!

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