Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Seduced in the Dark By C.J. Roberts

I didn't know where to start or what was going on in the beginning. Honestly, I wasn't even completely sure of what happened until about 74% in this novel, if even so much. Yeh  .... basically had me in circles until I had to give it a break half way through the day. Heat and confusion ... not a good combination!

Well turns and secrets were all that was left to heighten this story, and that's what we got. It's like with each day that past, more secrets are unearthed. Initially I thought Olivia had gotten mad but I never thought Caleb was dead and I surprisingly never saw her as a Stockholm patient. This story is what I wanted for Pieces by Michelle David Argyle, to break the convention and step out the box!!

The depravity continued and some how this book series has dampen my libido. Either that, or the vibe of this book is one of such depravity and reckless abandon, it was impossible to turn me on, even with the over saturated amount of sex that was portrayed throughout the novel.

At times I wanted to slap Olivia because regardless of your love, it should never be harmful and even if parts of it is, at least give yourself a breather!! It's like she liked to feel like scum! Caleb crossed so many lines that at times I loathe and despise him.

Speaking of, Caleb didn't redeem himself at all in this one, but that's exactly what I wanted! I wanted Kitten and Caleb. Because no matter their situation and fate, I love these two together for the mere fact of what they bring out in each other and to this novel.

I swear Olivia cries more than any other female I have ever read about but the girl is strong and if ever I was in a situation like her, I would love to have her psyche to get me through because the girl didn't crack one bit!! I gotta say her convenient submissions shocked me sometimes.

I would have loved to know what happened to the other characters, and I hope Epilogue will provide some of that closure, but if not, I am unable to complain because this was such a well researched, written and executed novel. I loved the flashbacks that came at just the right moments ... the editing where this was concerned is superb!

This installment is a lot (emphasis on the a lot) more lengthy than the first. Still, it's not a waste as there was not one irrelevant scene or event. It was all necessary and nothing was ever a space holder. It all had purpose! There was never a dull moment and always anxiety. The last 15% of the book had me on my toes. I was almost paralyzed. For as much as I wanted to move, I couldn't pull my eyes away and I just needed to know more!

I believe the aspect the story was taken from was a marvelous idea, even though I was skeptical at first. Eventually, I go into it and it felt like a movie. I could see everything happening, even the scenes without Olivia and Caleb. I have come to like Reed and Sloan and even though I can't get why not one couple can't have normal sex in this novel, I was glad for the snippet of sex under similar but different circumstances.

They  say be careful what you wish for because you just might get it and they weren't lying!! I asked for a voyeuristic scene with Caleb and Olivia and by golly did I get it and my oh my it was hot and everything I knew it would be!! C.J. Roberts does not disappoint when it comes to sadism and just plain raw, primal need. The chick knows how to tear you apart!!!

The timeline reference was unexpected but I am grateful. It filled in a lot without leaving any questions behind. It gave closure in two pages and only left me seeking a HEA in this book of wrong, doom and so much gloom.

I loved when wild Caleb was released and his mission there after. If it's one thing I love, it's when a criminal remains a criminal ... (call me crazy but I love a bad boy who stays a bad boy). I jumped with as much excitement as Jair and Khalid when they attacked the bikers.

I also have to give it to C.J. Stephens because Kitten had more orgasms in 4 months than I have in an entire year, and she did them without any vaginal penetration! I swear half of this series have me back tracking to check the girls still a virgin, because it was close to impossible but it was still done.

Sexual contraptions, scenes and so much more were portrayed in this one. It's like we were thrown into the world of freaks and I must say I am always open to learn and experience things so I found it fascinating and didn't mind in the least.

However, I must admit that I am not sure I want to venture into book 3 because I loved the way I left Olivia and Caleb or whatever they call themselves these days. All this alternative endings is scaring me and making me question if I want to ... but C.J. Williams has proven herself to be a reasonable, outside of the box thinker so here I go into the unknown.

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