Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Secret of Ella and Micha By Jessica Sorensen

Either I need to read this book again or I am a bad between the lines reader as I am still unaware of the big 'secret' ... or maybe that's why it's theirs. It's probably suppose to stay that way.

With that being said, I would like to congratulate Ms. Sorensen on a job well done with another successful series. Keep churning them out miss!!!

I was skeptic on picking this one up, and I had it in my kindle for about a month before I finally decided to give it a go and thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.

The cliches were present and the new music was welcome. Plus any book that quotes or uses an Avett Brothers quote, song, lyrics ... hell their name!! Is a book for me :)

Ella May is awesome and uncomplicated while being complicated ... I don't know. It's either that, or the awesomeness that is Micha Scott cancels it all out! That young man could sell me on anything and for that, Ella deserves a medal!

Micha is a boyfriend god and a friend that people would sell their kidneys to have! If I ever got a piece of him, I would lock him up and hide him from the world. Suffice to say, I loved this character. He is up there with the Kellan Kyle and Will Cooper of the fiction boyfriend world.

Even the minor characters were awesome and I am glad to see a book in the works for Lila and Ethan. Something about the good guys in this novel that leaves you falling in love with them all and rooting for the best outcome.

I loved that we got both Micah and Ella's POV as the story would not have been complete without both sides to this awesome story of love and relentless pursuit. Micah is the poster child for determination.

I really wish we could have more flashbacks, as I believe maybe that would have clue us in a little bit more as to what the secret was. But I digress!

Overall, I got a mellow vibe from this book and I was pleased that there wasn't a need to fill the book's dramas with a lot of angst than was already portrayed.

The characters and the story felt real and the connections felt so right that we didn't even need to question the intimacy of their relationship, as it's obvious that no one knows these two better than each other.

The conversations flowed and we got to see the changes in Ella as they happened. It was also comforting to see Micah talk Ella off her many bridges as we got to enjoy the story of the past and present, with comfort and ease.

While this isn't a blow you out of the water story and the cliffhanger is definitely a bearable one, it still held it's own as another really awesome book by Ms. Sorenson with maybe the best set of characters I have read from her so far. I am really glad I finally gave this one a chance and I can't wait to continue on a journey with Ella and Micah because they make it look so easy ;)

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